MICAI 2019

Travel Grants for students

Registration fee must be paid independently from this
grant application. A travel grant is not a fee waiver.

The Mexican Society for Artificial Intelligence (SMIA) offers a limited number of grants for full-time students from developing countries (Mexico included) to attend MICAI 2019 conference.

The grant consists in the reimbursement on site of the travel expenses (transportation and lodging), up to the amount of the registration fee previously paid by the awardee. For example, supposing that the awardee has paid the registration fee of USD 590 but his or her airplane ticket was USD 1000, then SMIA can only reimburse USD 590; however, if the ticket and lodging were USD 300, then SMIA will reimburse those USD 300. The reimbursement procedure will be communicated to awardees in due time.

The candidates should satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be an author or co-author of an accepted paper,

  • Attend the conference to present the paper,

  • Be a full-time student at the time of presentation or at the time of paper submission deadline (an original official document from the university is required to be presented on site),

  • Justify the need for the grant by explaining the reason for not being able to cover the expenses, in contrast to a great majority of other students that will fully cover their expenses,

  • Agree to pay the registration fee for the conference normally. Travel grant is not a fee waiver.

Grants will be awarded taking into account the paper's evaluation scores and the supporting documents. SMIA reserves the right to request additional information, to partially fund a grant application, or to reject it without explanation. A student can receive only one grant per conference.

Please fill in the Student Travel Grant Application Form and send it with accompanying documents (scanned) by e-mail to In addition, applicants must apply for travel grant before submission of their paper by ticking the group "[X] Discount, waiver, or grant is requested" in the web submission system. No applications will be considered for reviewed papers for which this checkbox was not ticked at the moment of submission.

Deadline: to be announced. If you can't meet this deadline with all documents, you can submit an incomplete application and send us the missing documents later. However, we may be unable to consider incomplete applications.

Reasons against applying for a grant:

  • Though all papers are judged by strictly academic criteria, in borderline cases and between papers of comparable quality we may give preference of acceptance to papers with fully paid fee, i.e., for which grant was not requested.

  • Strong preference will be given to the authors of the papers that received excellent evaluation scores and of which the applicant is the main author.

  • Though we will do our best for this not to happen, we cannot guarantee providing some material (including the proceedings) to participants with reduced fee or travel grant. Also, in case of lack of seats in the tour bus we will have to give preference to participants with no discount or grant.