Located on the slopes of Macuiltépetl volcano, 350 kilometers from Mexico City and surrounded by foggy forests, the Capital of Veracruz is an unforgettable place. A stroll through the city's narrow and vibrant streets is a pleasure not only for the eyes, the aroma of locally grown high quality coffee is often perceived in the air, along with the sweet melodies of street musicians.
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Universidad Veracruzana

Xalapa, also known in Mexico as "Veracruz Athens" is clearly a university city. At the heart of its cultural life you can find Universidad Veracruzana, an important educational centre that offers music, theater, dance, visual and various forms of art.
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Places for eat

  • La Parroquia de Veracruz/ Tipical food Adress: Juan de La Luz Enríquez s/n, Zona Centro, 91000 Xalapa de Enriquez, Ver.
  • Postodoro/Italian Food Adress: Calle Primo Verdad 11, Zona Centro, 91000 Xalapa Enríquez, Ver.
  • El Itacate Fonda/ Tipical food Adress: Juan Soto 4, Zona Centro, Centro, 91000 Xalapa Enríquez, Ver.
  • La Casona del Beaterio/ Mediterranean menu Adress: Ignacio Zaragoza 20, Centro, 91000 Xalapa Enríquez, Ver.
  • Café Teatro Tierra Luna/ Tipical food Adress: Ignacio López Rayón 18, Centro, 91000 Xalapa Enríquez, Ver.
  • Asadero Cien/ Steakhouse Adress: Ignacio Zaragoza 8 Int. 1 A y 1 B, Centro, 91000 Xalapa Enríquez, Ver.
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