(This information is tentative and may slightly change in the future; please visit this page later.) The registration fee amount for authors is USD 590 (the same as in all previous years) or MXN 11,000. This includes one paper only. If one author has more than one accepted paper, in order for the papers to be published the fee is to be paid for each of them independently, with a discount of USD 100 or MXN 2000, i.e., for the second etc. paper presented by the same author, an additional fee of USD 490 or MXN 9,000 is to be paid. If you pay via bank transfer or PayPal, you should add the bank fees, so the amount that you will pay will be higher. In summary:


Bank from Mexico Bank from abroad PayPal
First paper USD 590 = MXN 11,000 USD 590 plus bank fees USD 620
Second etc. paper presented by the same author USD 490 = MXN 9,000 USD 490 plus bank fees USD 520

This fee includes publication of one paper (up to the page limit) in any of the proceedings volumes or journal issues derived from the conference, access to a digital copy of the pre-print versions of all accepted papers (unless copyright holders prevent us from distributing such copies), conference material, and attending the keynote lectures, regular technical presentations, and the poster session.

Additional fee applies for participating in some of the cultural activities, and for accompanying persons to participate in some of the cultural activities.

Registration fee for non-author attendees (main conference, tutorials, and workshops) and workshop authors will be lower. It will be announced later.

Payment options:

A very limited number of student grants for full-time students from developing countries (Mexico included) will be given to applicants in thoroughly justified cases and only to the applicants that will attend the conference in person. Strong preference will be given to the authors of the papers that received excellent evaluation scores and of which the applicant is the main author.

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