Why not you give a tutorial?
Call for Tutorials

Tutorials will be given at the Instituto Tecnológico de Cancún; see the program.

Accepted tutorials

  • Félix Castro (UAEH). Minería de Datos Educativa (in Spanish)
  • Miguel González Mendoza (ITESM). The FIWARE Platform and opportunities for research and entrepreneurship for Artificial Intelligence applications (in Spanish)
  • Oscar Herrera Alcántara (UAM). Telemetry and biosignal processing (in Spanish)
  • Francisco Viveros Jimenez (CIC-IPN). Introducción a las redes neuronales (in Spanish)
  • Alexei Morozov (IRE-RAS, Russia). The Actor Prolog Project: Past, Present, and Future (in English)
  • Ildar Batyrshin, Vizualization and Construction of Similarity and Association Measures in Data Analysis (slides in English, talk in Spanish)