MICAI 2013

Doctoral Consortium Program

Tuesday November 26


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Nelson Iván González

An Autonomous Decision Making Framework for a Multi-Agent System in an Ambient with Limited Communication and Unreliable Vision

Orlando Muñoz Texzocotetla

Attribute Handling in Inductive Logic Programming

Octavio Navarro

Graphical Simulation of skeletal muscles for virtual humans characters and humanoid robots

Octavio Rico

Development of a network value based on bioenergy management to determine business strategies

Sergio Solano Pinedo

Genetic algorithms for map generalization


Luis Daniel Cuellar Garrido

Information Retrieval Optimization through Probabilistic Models and Metaheuristics for the Semantic Web

Héctor Manuel Sánchez Castellanos

Towards the Creation of an Agent-Based Model to Simulate Dengue Dynamics in Human Populations

Christian Arzate

An Evolutive Multi-agent System for Non-player Characters

Aram Gonzalez

Context Personalization for Context-Aware Recommender Systems



Call for papers
Doctoral Consortium at MICAI’2013

The Mexican Society on Artificial Intelligence (SMIA) invites mexican students presently enrolled in doctorate programs either in Mexico or abroad to participate in the doctoral consortium at the 13th edition of the Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MICAI 2013, [1]), to be held on November 24 to 30 in Mexico City, Mexico.

The consortium offers a limited number of students the opportunity of presenting their work advances and receive evaluation and feedback from notorious researchers (advisers) and fellow participating students. The main objective of this forum is to allow the students to benefit from evaluations and discussions related to their particular research projects. This forum will also allow the stu- dents to know more about the research community on artificial intelligence in Mexico and identify the different research areas in order to promote scientific collaboration in a new generation of researchers. Finally, the consortium will en- able communication and knowledge interchange between the Mexican industry and the research community.

The invitation is open to all doctorate program students with an approved research topic in Computer Science and with enough time to obtain the degree in order to be able to benefit from feedback. Interested students must send by e-mail to either Doctoral Consortium chairs the following information in a single PDF file:

1. Abstract of the research project, written in English using Springer LNCS format ([2]) and a maximum extent of 3 pages. This document must precisely indicate the extents of the research and the hypothesis and/or research topic, the justification of its importance, a brief description of the research objectives and methodology and the preliminary results or conclusions obtained so far. Incorporation of the following sections in the written document is recommended:

2. The student’s curriculum vitae with a maximum extent of 2 pages (list of publications included).

Miguel Gonzalez Mendoza mgonza at itesm.mx
Antonio Marín Hernandez anmarin at uv.mx

A DOCTORAL CONSORTIUM PROGRAM COMMITTEE will evaluate the submitted documents, and will also participate as advisers during the doctoral consortium.

Selected students will be invited to a discussion session in which advisers will give a feedback about the actual state of the presented work in terms of content as well as methodology and will give suggestions and recommendations about the future direction and focus about them.

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[1] http://micai.org/2013
[2] http://www.springer.com/lncs