MICAI 2013 Accepted Papers


LNAI publication option

Chaman Sabharwal and Jennifer Leopold. Identification of Relations in Region Connection Calculus: 9-Intersection Reduced to 3+-Intersection Predicates
Mauricio Guevara and Edgar Vallejo. WIGA: Wolbachia Infection Genetic Algorithm for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
Rubén Octavio Vélez, Jose Arrazola and Iván Martínez Ruiz. Possibilistic Minimal Models for Possibilistic Normal Programs
Francisco Viveros Jiménez, Alexander Gelbukh and Grigori Sidorov. Simple Window Selection Strategies for the Simplified Lesk Algorithm for Word Sense Disambiguation
Ruben Aguilar-Rivera, Manuel Valenzuela-Rendon and Jose Rodriguez-Ortiz. The Concept of Confidence for Inheritance-Based Genetic Algorithms
Adriana Rubí Pérez-López, Rosario Baltazar, Martin Carpio, Hugo Terashima-Marin, Dulce J. Magaña-Lozano and Hector J. Puga. Homogeneous population Solving the Minimal Perturbation Problem in Dynamic Scheduling of Surgeries
Juan Pablo Nieto González and Pedro Perez Villanueva. Complete Diagnosis of Electrical Power Systems Using MDS and ANFIS
Borbála Siklósi and Attila Novák. Detection and expansion of abbreviations in Hungarian clinical notes
Rushil Raghavjee and Nelishia Pillay. A Study of Genetic Algorithms to Solve the School Timetabling Problem
Farid García-Lamont, Jair Cervantes, Asdrúbal López and Lisbeth Rodríguez. Classification of Mexican Paper Currency Denomination by Extracting Their Discriminative Colors
Vladislav Kubon, Marketa Lopatkova and Jiří Mírovský. Automatic Processing of Linguistic Data as a Feedback for Linguistic Theory
César Octavio Hernández Morales and Juan Pablo Nieto González. Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Electrical Networks Using a Fuzzy System and Euclidian Distance.
Isis Bonet, Abdel Rodriguez and Isel Grau. Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks for Biological Sequences Prediction
Pilar Pozos Parra, Weiru Liu and Laurent Perrussel. Dalal's Revision without Hamming Distance
Igor Braga, Laís Pessine Do Carmo, Caio César Benatti and Maria Carolina Monard. A Note on Parameter Selection for Support Vector Machines
Israel Tabarez Paz, Neil Hernández Gress and Miguel González Mendoza. Pattern recognition with Spiking Neural Networks
Marco Palomino, Tim Taylor and Richard Owen. Optimising Business Intelligence Gathering Techniques for Horizon Scanning Applications
Olatz Perez-De-Viñaspre and Maite Oronoz Anchordoqui. An XML Based TBX Framework to Represent Multilingual SNOMED CT for Translation
Xavier Limón, Alejandro Guerra-Hernández, Nicandro Cruz-Ramírez and Francisco Grimaldo. An Agents & Artifacts approach to Distributed Data Mining
Miguel Murguía-Romero, Rafael Jiménez-Flores, A. René Méndez-Cruz and Rafael Villalobos-Molina. Predicting metabolic syndrome with neural networks
Michal Wozniak. Weighed Aging Ensemble of Heterogenous Classifiers for Incremental Drift Classification
Alireza Mahmoudi, Heshaam Faili, Mohammad Hossein Dehghan and Jalal Maleki. ELEXR: Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation Using Lexical Relationships
Valery Solovyev and Vladimir Ivanov. Composite Event Indicator Processing in Event Extraction for Non-configurational Language
Tomas Nestorovic. Rogerian Psychologist in Human-Computer Interaction: A Case Study
Frederik Van De Putte. Default Assumptions and Selection Functions: A Generic Approach
György Orosz, Attila Novák and Gábor Prószéky. Hybrid text segmentation for Hungarian clinical records
László János Laki, György Orosz and Attila Novák. HuLaPos2 -- Decoding morphology
Renan Padua, Fabiano Santos, Merley Conrado, Veronica Carvalho and Solange Rezende. Subjective Evaluation of Labeling Methods for Association Rule Clustering
Juan Carlos Conde Ramírez, Abraham Sánchez López and Abraham Sánchez Flores. An Architecture for Cognitive Modeling to Support Real-time Adaptation and Motivational Responses in Video Games
Hongjian Wang, Naiyu Zhang and Jean-Charles Creput. A Massive Parallel Cellular GPU implementation of Neural Network to Large Scale Euclidean TSP
Rajendra Prasath, Philip O'Reilly and Aidan Duane. Weighting Query Terms Towards Multi-Faceted Information Fusion of Market Data
Rafael Orozco-Lopez and Andres Mendez-Vazquez. Fast and Robust Object Recognition Based on Reduced Shock-Graphs and Pruned-SIFT
Carlos Garcia-Capulin, Gerardo Trejo-Caballero, Horacio Rostro Gonzalez, J. G. Avina-Cervantes and Luis Moisés Burgara-López. B-spline surface approximation using hierarchical genetic algorithm
Sergio Rogelio Tinoco-Martinez and Felix Calderon. A Bayesian and Minimum Variance Technique for Arterial Lumen Segmentation in Ultrasound Imaging.
Omar Montano-Rivas. Completion-based automated theory exploration
Sheila Esmeralda Gonzalez-Reyna, Juan Gabriel Avina-Cervantes, Sergio Eduardo Ledesma-Orozco, Ivan Cruz-Aceves and M. De Guadalupe Garcia-Hernandez. Traffic Sign Recognition based on Linear Discriminant Analysis
Héctor Ceballos, Juan Pablo García-Vázquez and Ramón Brena. Using Activity Theory and Causal Diagrams for Designing MultiAgent Systems that Assist Human Activities
Luis G. Martínez, Juan R. Castro, Antonio R. Diaz, Guillermo Licea and Reynaldo Salas. Implementing Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering to Build a Personality Fuzzy Model Based on Big Five Patterns for Engineers
Maciej Piasecki, Michal Kalinski and Agnieszka Indyka-Piasecka. Disambiguating Wikipedia Articles on the Basis of plWordNet Lexico-semantic Relations
Pawel Kedzia, Maciej Piasecki and Marek Maziarz. Recognising Compositionality of Multi-Word Expressions in the Wordnet Oriented Perspective
Manuel Castañón-Puga, Juan Ramón Castro, Josué Miguel Flores-Parra, Carelia Guadalupe Gaxiola-Pacheco, Luis-Guillermo Martínez-Méndez and Luis Enrique Palafox-Maestre. JT2FIS, A Java Type-2 Fuzzy Inference Systems Class Library for Building Object-Oriented Intelligent Applications
Moulay Rachid Douiri and Mohamed Cherkaoui. Intelligent Rotor Time Constant identification approach in Indirect Field Oriented Induction Motor Drive
Luis A. Alvarado-Yañez, Luis Torres Treviño and Angel Rodríguez-Liñan. An embedded fuzzy agent for online tuning of a PID controller for position control of a DC motor.
Guangbing Yang, Kinshuk Kinshuk, Dunwei Wen and Erkki Sutinen. Enhancing Sentence Ordering by Hierarchical Topic Modeling for Multi-document Summarization
Ivan Vladimir Meza Ruiz, Caleb Rascón and Luis Pineda. Practical Speech Recognition for Contextualized Service Robots
Toaki Esaú Villareal Olvera, Caleb Rascón and Ivan Vladimir Meza Ruiz. Emotion based features of bird singing for 'Turdus Migratorious' identification
Ivan Cruz-Aceves, Juan Gabriel Avina-Cervantes, Juan Manuel Lopez-Hernandez, Ma. De Guadalupe Garcia-Hernandez, Sheila Esmeralda Gonzalez-Reyna and Miguel Torres-Cisneros. Human Heart Segmentation based on Differential Evolution and Active Contours with Shape Prior
Omar Trinidad Gutiérrez Méndez and Juana Canul Reich. A New Collection of Preprocessed Digital Mammograms
Rogelio Salinas-Gutiérrez, Ángel Eduardo Muñoz-Zavala, Arturo Hernández-Aguirre and Manuel Alonso Castillo-Galván. Explicit Exploration in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Jonathan Arriaga González and Manuel Valenzuela-Rendón. Reinforcement Learning Method for Portfolio Optimal Frontier Search
Roman Bartak and Neng-Fa Zhou. On Modeling Planning Problems: Experience From The Petrobras Challenge
Paula Hernández Hernández and Laura Cruz Reyes. An Ant Colony Algorithm for Improving Ship Stability in the Containership Stowage Problem
Roberto Vega, Elizabeth Guevara, Luis Eduardo Falcon-Morales, Gildardo Sanchez-Ante and Humberto Sossa-Azuela. Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images using Lattice Neural Networks
Juan Carlos Gómez, Fernando Hernández, Carlos Coello, Guillermo Ronquillo and Antonio Trejo. Flame Classification through the use of an Artificial Neural Network trained with a Genetic Algorithm
Yeleny Zulueta. A dynamic multiexpert multicriteria decision making model for risk analysis
Svetlana Bodrunova, Sergei Koltsov, Olessia Koltsova, Sergey Nikolenko and Anastasia Shimorina. Interval Semi-Supervised LDA: Classifying Needles in a Haystack
Oscar Méndez, Hiram Calvo and Marco A. Moreno-Armendariz. A Reverse Dictionary Based on Semantic Analysis Using WordNet
Fabio Gadducci, Matthias Hoelzl, Giacoma Monreale and Martin Wirsing. Soft Constraints for Lexicographic Orders
Michal Prílepok, Jan Platos and Vaclav Snasel. Similarity based on Data Compression
Everardo Barcenas and Jose-De-Jesus Lavalle-Martinez. Expressive reasoning on tree structures: recursion, inverse programs, Presburger constraints and nominals
Gloria Ines Alvarez, Diego Linares, Jairo Andres Velasco, Enrique Bravo and Jheyson Vargas. Machine Learning techniques applied to the cleavage site prediction problem
Xiaoxue Zhang, Dunwei Wen, Ke Wang and Yinan Yang. CUP Classification Based on a Tree Structure with MiRNA Feature Selection
Rogerio Santos, Luciana Campos, Rodrigo Weber Dos Santos and Luis Paulo Barra. Determination of Cardiac Ejection Fraction by Electrical Impedance Tomography using an Artificial Neural Network
Alireza Mahmoudi. Improving Machine Translation through Morphological Analysis
Lorena Chavarría-Báez, Xiaoou Li and Rosaura Palma. Estimating the number of test cases for active rule-based systems validation
Michael Dekhtyar and Mars Valiev. Complexity of verification of fuzzy multi-agent systems
Merley Conrado, Thiago Pardo, and Solange Rezende. Exploration of a Rich Feature Set for Automatic Term Extraction
Mauricio Osorio, José Luis Carballido and Claudia Zepeda. Some properties of logic N-GLukG
Soujanya Poria, Alexander Gelbukh, Basant Agarwal, Erik Cambria and Newton Howard. Common Sense Knowledge Based Personality Recognition from Text
Rajendra Prasath and Sudeshna Sarkar. A pseudo-relevance feedback based method to find comprehensive web documents
José Abel De La Fuente-Arriaga, Edgardo Manuel Felipe-Riverón and Eduardo Garduño-Calderón. Detection of Human Retina Images Suspected of Glaucoma through the Vascular Bunch Displacement in the Optic Disc
Angel Kuri-Morales and Edwin Aldana-Bobadilla. The Best Genetic Algorithm I: A Comparative Study of Structurally Different Genetic Algorithms
Angel Fernando Kuri-Morales, Edwin Aldana-Bobadilla and Ignacio López-Peña. The Best Genetic Algorithm II: A Comparative Study of Structurally Different Genetic Algorithms
Malumbo Chipofya, Angela Schwering and Talakisew Binor. Matching Qualitative Spatial Scene Descriptions á la Tabu
Maria Cristina Riff and Nicolas Rojas. Including Modal Improvisation and Music-inspired Components to Improve Harmony Search.
Laura Kovacs, Andrei Mantsivoda and Andrei Voronkov. The Inverse Method for Many-Valued Logics
Laura Kovacs, Natasha Sharygina and Simone Fulvio Rollini. A Parametric Interpolation Framework for First-Order Theories
Shereen Oraby, Yasser El-Sonbaty and Mohamad Abou El-Nasr. Finding Opinion Strength Using Rule-Based Parsing for Arabic Sentiment Analysis
Otakar Trunda and Roman Bartak. Using Monte Carlo Tree Search to Solve Planning Problems in Transportation Domains
Fernando Orduña Cabrera and Miquel Sànchez-Marrè. Using NIAR k-d Trees to Improve the Case-Based Reasoning Retrieval Step
Piotr Kulczycki and Piotr A. Kowalski. An Algorithm of Classification for Nonstationary Case
Verónica Rodríguez-López, Rosebet Miranda-Luna and José Anibal Arias-Aguilar. Detection of Masses in Mammogram Images using Morphological Operators and Markov Random Fields
Nestor Velasco-Bermeo and Miguel Gonzalez-Mendoza. Semantic representation of CAD models based on the IGES standard
Alejandra Duenas, Christine Di Martinelly and Isabelle Fagnot. An approach based on an Interactive Procedure for Multiple Objective Optimisation Problems

Polibits publication option

Chaman Sabharwal, Jennifer Leopold and Douglas McGeehan. Triangle-Triangle Intersection Determination and Classification for Supporting Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
David Sundgren and Alexander Karlsson. Uncertainty Levels of Second-Order Probability
Guida Gomes, Henrique Vicente, Joaquim Macedo and José Neves. A Logic Programming Approach for the Conservation of Buildings Based on an Extension of the Eindhoven Classification Model
István Endrédy and Attila Novák. More effective boilerplate removal – the GoldMiner algorithm
Melanie Neunerdt, Michael Reyer and Rudolf Mathar. A POS Tagger for Social Media Texts trained on Web Comments
Borja Ponte Blanco, David de La Fuente, Raúl Pino and Rafael Rosillo. Supply Chain Management by means of Simulation
Juan Carlos Nieves and Helena Lindgren. Merging Deductive and Abductive Knowledge Bases: An Argumentation Context Approach
Nibaldo Rodriguez. Multiscale RBF neural network for forecasting of monthly hake catches off southern Chile
Irosh Fernando and Frans Henskens. ST Algorithm for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning
Tuan Pham. Bird-Like Information Processing for AI-Based Pattern Recognition

Publication option to be defined

Juliana Sagawa and Marcelo Nagano. Dynamic Models for Production Control and Scheduling: A Brief Review

IEEE CPS publication option

Gabriel Carneiro, Luis Imoto and Valdinei Silva. Specification of Risk Attitude in Poker Players utilizing the Expected Utility Theory
Alejandro Jarillo Silva, Omar Domínguez Ramírez, José Alberto Cruz Tolentino and Luis Enrique Ramos Velasco. Kinesthetic Guided with Graphotherapeutic Purposes
Jorge Cervantes, Maria Gomez and Alexander Schaum. Some Implications of System Dynamics Analysis of Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Networks for Learning Algorithms Design
Jesús Lozano, David de La Fuente, Carlos Martínez Carcedo and Borja Ponte Blanco. Zoning by k-means over a large data set
Jorge Alonso Ramírez-Márquez, Carlos Alejandro De Luna-Ortega, Miguel Mora-González and Julio César Martínez-Romo. Fingerprint Verification Using the Center of Mass and Learning Vector Quantization
Niraj Kumar and Lipika Dey. Automatic Quality Assessment of documents with Application to Essay grading
Dong Huang, Xiaolong Wang, Jia Fang, Shiwen Liu and Ronggang Dou. A hybrid model based on neural network for financial time series
Ricardo Ocampo-Vega, Luis Eduardo Falcon-Morales, Gildardo Sanchez-Ante and Juan Humberto Sossa-Azuela. Image Processing for Automatic Reading of Electro-mechanical Utility Meters
Carlos Eric Galván-Tejada, Juan Pablo García-Vázquez and Ramon Brena. Magnetic-Field Feature Reduction for Indoor Location Estimation applying Multivariate Models
Norberto Castillo-García, Héctor Joaquín Fraire Huacuja, Rodolfo A. Pazos Rangel, José Antonio Martínez Flores, Juan Javier González Barbosa and Juan Martín Carpio Valadez. A Hybrid Memetic Algorithm for the Vertex Separation Problem
J. Octavio Gutierrez-Garcia, Hector Orozco-Aguirre and Victor Landassuri-Moreno. Agent-based simulation of crime
David Cabrera-Gaona, Luis Torres Treviño and Angel Rodríguez-Liñan. Control by Learning in a Temperature System using a Maximum Sensibility Neural Network
Alejandro Molina, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, Gerardo Sierra, Eric Sanjuan and Julio Rojas-Mora. Analysis and Transformation of Textual Energy Distribution
Rolando Bautista and Victor De La Cueva. Multiple-Robot Motion Planning in an Unknown and Uncertain Environment
Antonio Moran Cárdenas, Javier Guerrero Rázuri, Rahim Rahmani and David Sundgren. Autonomous Motion of Mobile Robot Using Fuzzy-Neural Networks
Luis Carlos Gonzalez-Sua, Olivia M. Barrón-Cano, Leonardo Garrido, Ivan Gonzalez, Rogelio Soto and José Luis Gordillo. Design and Implementation of a Fuzzy-Based Gain Scheduling Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm
Dmitry Lande, Andrey Snarskii, Elena Yagunova and Ekaterina Pronoza. The Use of Horizontal Visibility Graphs to Identify the Words that Define the Informational Structure of the Text
Ahmed Ibrahim and Tarek Elghazaly. A Novel Arabic Text Summarization Model Based on Rhetorical Structure Theory and Vector Space Model
Javier Guerrero Rázuri, David Sundgren, Antonio Moran Cárdenas and Rahim Rahmani. Automatic emotion recognition through facial expression analysis in merged images based on an Artificial Neural Network
Anilu Franco-Arcega, Ruslan Gabbasov and Linda G. Flores-Flores. Application of decision trees for classifying astronomical objects
Gustavo Ortiz Hernandez, Alejandro Guerra Hernández and Guillermo De Jesús Hoyos Rivera. JasMo -- A Modularization Framework for Jason
Jesús Salvador Martínez Delgado, Sonia Mendoza and Kimberly Garcia. Flexible Bimodal Recognition of Collaborators in Pervasive Environments
Ramon Zatarain Cabada, Maria Lucia Barron Estrada, Carlos Alberto Reyes Garcia and José Luis Olivares Camacho. Integrating Learning Styles and Affect with an Intelligent Tutoring System
Moulay Rachid Douiri and Mohamed Cherkaoui. Induction Motor Control using Two Intelligent Algorithms Analysis
María J. Somodevilla, Concepcion Perez de Celis Herrero, Jaime A. Hernandez and Dr Ivo H. Pineda Torres. Ontology Based Framework to Represent Relationships between BioMedical Spatial Data
Telmo Amaral, Luís M. Silva, Luís A. Alexandre, Chetak Kandaswamy, Jorge M. Santos and Joaquim Marques de Sá. Using different cost functions to train stacked auto-encoders
Mehreen Saba and Dr. Imran Sarwar Bajwa. Quantifiers Types Resolution in NL Software Requirements
Fernando Gudino-Penaloza. Fuzzy Model for Self Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Heba Ayeldeen, Aboul Ella Hassanien and Ali Fahmy. Evaluation of Semantic Similarity across MeSH Ontology: A Cairo University Thesis Mining Case Study
Onur Keskin and Zeki Kıral. Formation Control of Quadrotor Group with Distributed Communication and Indoor Positioning System
Mohit Kumar and Uma Shanker Tiwary. Hybrid Chunk-based Machine Translation System for Hindi to English Translation
Jorge Santos and Frederico Morais. Evaluating entropic based clustering algorithms on biomedical data
Ping He and Lihua Duan. Study and Design for Artificial Intuition System Based on Memory Mapping Intuition Learning
Hiram Madero Orozco, Osslan Osiris Vergara Villegas, Vianey Guadalupe Cruz Sanchez and Humberto De Jesus Ochoa Dominguez. Lung Nodule Classification in CT Thorax Images using Support Vector Machines
Oswaldo Velez-Langs and Angelica de Antonio. Learning User’s Characteristics in Collaborative Filtering Through Genetic Algorithms: Some New Results
Jose Oropeza and Jose Reyes Saldaña. Using a model of the cochlea based in the micro and macro mechanical to find parameters for Au-tomatic Speech Recognition
Ingrid Christensen and Silvia Schiaffino. Matrix Factorization in Social Group Recommender Systems
Youmin Hu, Fengyun Xie and Bo Wu. An uncertainty quantification method based on generalized interval and neural network
Marcin Woźniak. On applying cuckoo search algorithm to positioning GI/M/1/N finite-buffer queue with a single vacation policy
Byron Portilla, Jaime Guzman and Giner Alor. Towards Service Composition for Consuming Linked Data: A Failure Perspective
Marco Antonio Cruz Chavez and Alina Martinez Oropeza. Experimental Analysis with Variable Neighborhood Search for Discrete Optimization
Mónica Santibáñez, Rosa María Valdovinos, Adrian Trueba, Eréndira Rendón and Roberto Alejo. Applicability of cluster validation indices for large data sets
Yadira Quiñonez, Omar Sánchez and Iván Tostado. Coordination model for multi-robot systems based on cooperative behaviors
Lilia Elena Gonzalez and Roberto Antonio Vázquez Espinoza De Los Monteros. Malware Classification using Euclidean Distance and Artificial Neural Networks
Heman Mohabeer and K.M.S Soyjaudah. A new algorithm for solving fractured domain problems

RCS publication option

Vladimir Polyakov, Vladimir Ivanov, Vladimir Solovyev, Ivan Anisimov and Andrey Ponomarev. AN APPROACH TO SEMANTIC NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING OF RUSSIAN TEXTS.
Pascual Noradino Montes Dorantes, Rolando Praga-Alejo, Juan Pablo Nieto González, Gerardo Maximiliano Méndez and Jesus de La Rosa Elizondo. A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF TYPE 1 SINGLETON FUZZY LOGIC SYSTEMS IN MACHINING APPLICATION
Diego Uribe. Analysis of Asymmetric Measures for Performance Estimation
Ivonne M. Avila-Mora, Sonia Mendoza, Kimberly García, Rosa Delia Delgado-Hernández, Oscar René Marrufo-Meléndez, Daniel San Juan-Orta, Dominique Decouchant and Liliana Puente-Maury. Characterizing scars in the cerebral cortex by analysing intensities in T2/MRI sequences
Pablo Camarillo, Juan Carlos Conde and Abraham Sanchez. An hybrid approach to solve the problem of the semantic annotation in semantic social networks
Robert Burduk. The AdaBoost Algorithm with the Imprecision Determine the Weights of the Observations
Carlos Alberto Yahir Hervert-Cano, Angel Rodríguez-Liñan and Luis Torres Treviño. Use of Particle Swarm Optimization to Obtain the Solution of Inverse Robot Dynamic Model
Muhammad Aslam, Ana Maria Martinez Enriquez and Talha Waheed. Development of Upper Domain Ontologies for Knowledge Preservation of Unani Medicines
Ekaterina Pronoza and Elena Yagunova. Business-Media Analysis for Information Extraction
José A. Reyes-Ortiz, Ana L. Jiménez, Jaime Cater, Cesar A. Meléndez, Patricia B. Márquez, Marlon García, Fernando Olvera, Juan C. Contreras and Gustavo Farfán. Ontology-based Knowledge Representation for Supporting Medical Decisions
Mauricio Osorio and Alejandro Santoyo. Preferred Extensions as Minimal Models of Clark's Completion Semantics
Edgar Tello-Leal, Omar Chiotti, Pablo David Villarreal, Ivan Lopez-Arevalo and Victor Sosa-Sosa. An Agent-based Platform for Executing Collaborative Processes among Healthcare Organizations
Nelson Rangel-Valdez, Jose Torres-Jimenez, Jorge Omar Jasso-Luna and Mario Humberto Rodriguez-Chavez. SAT Model for the Curriculum-Based Course Timetabling problem
Ahmed Ibrahim and Tarek Elghazaly. Arabic Text Summarization through building a reusable Arabic Rhetorical Relations Ontology
Sophia Tahir and Dr. Imran Sarwar Bajwa. Automatic Event Recognition and Annotation in Business Requirement Specifications
Rafaela Blanca Silva-López and Iris Iddaly Méndez-Gurrola. Strategic learning, towards a teaching reengineering
Eric Alfredo Rincon García, Roman Anselmo Mora-Gutierrez, Antonin Ponsich, Blanca Rafaela Silva López and Elena Cruz Miguel. Method of musical composition and static topologies for resource constrained project scheduling: a case study.
Martin Ariel Dominguez and Gabriel Gaston Infante Lopez. A Framework for Unsupervised Dependency Parsing Using a soft-EM Algorithm and Bilexical Grammars
Sayed Mohammad Reza Loghmanian, Mohammad Heydari Vini, Milad Janbakhsh, Shahrooz Shams and Hoseyn Shayesteh Moghadam. ELITIST NON-DOMINATED SORTING GENETIC ALGORITHM (NSGA-II) USING CLUSTERED CROWDING DISTANCE
Alina Martínez-Oropeza and Marco Antonio Cruz-Chávez. Feasible Initial Population for Population-based Algorithm Applied to Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Saeed Farzi, Heshaam Faili and Shahram Khadivi. A Syntactically-Informed Reordering Model for Statistical Machine Translation using Phrasal Dependency Trees
Peng Wang and Kai Huang. An Entity Linking Approach for Chinese Microblog
Marco Antonio Cruz Chavez and Jazmin Yanel Juarez Chavez. Optimization-Heuristic of Mechanical Properties in Microalloyed Steel Based on its Chemical Composition
Muhammad Aslam. Intelligent System for Searching Nearest Services Using Multi-Agent Approach
Elena Acevedo, Jose Angel Martinez Navarro, Marco Antonio Acevedo and Fabiola Martínez. A novel text encryption algorithm