MICAI 2012 Accepted Papers

Note: Papers are listed in no particular order.

Main Session

Alfonso Alba, Ruth Aguilar, Javier Flavio Vigueras-Gómez and Edgar Arce-Santana. Phase correlation based image alignment with subpixel accuracy
Partha Pakray, Snehasis Neogi, Sivaji Bandyopadhyay and Alexander Gelbukh. LITE: A Language Independent Textual Entailment System
Guillermo Gonzalez-Campos, Edith Luévano-Hipólito, Luis Martin Torres-Treviño and Azael Martinez-De La Cruz. Artificial neural network for optimization of a synthesis process of Bi2MoO6 using surface response methodology
Renato Cordeiro de Amorim and Mario Chirinos Colunga. An Empirical Evaluation of Different Initialization on the Number of K-Means Iterations
Pawel Wozniak, Andrzej Romanowski, Tomasz Jaworski, Pawel Fiderek and Jacek Kucharski. Modelling social relationships in surgical teams with fuzzy decision-making techniques
Carlos-Francisco Méndez-Cruz, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, Alfonso Medina-Urrea and Gerardo Sierra. Extrinsic Evaluation on Automatic Summarization Tasks: testing Affixality Measurements for Statistical Word Stemming
Maria Jose Fresnadillo Martinez, Enrique Garcia Merino, Enrique Garcia Sanchez, Jose Elias Garcia Sanchez, Angel Martin Del Rey and Gerardo Rodriguez Sanchez. A graph cellular automata model to study the spreading of an infectious disease
Federico Felipe, Angel Martínez, Elena Acevedo and Marco Antonio Acevedo. A Novel Encryption Method with Associative Approach for Gray-Scale Images
Carlos Román Mariaca, Julio César Tovar and Floriberto Ortiz. Recurrent Neural Control of a Continuous Bioprocess Using First and Second Order Learning
Gonzalo Nápoles, Isel Grau and Ricardo Grau. Modelling, aggregation and simulation of a dynamic biological system through Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Dulce J. Magaña-Lozano, Santiago E. Conant-Pablos and Hugo Terashima-Marin. Exploring the Solution of Course Timetabling Problems through Heuristic Segmentation
Carlos Fco Alvarez Salgado, Luis E. Palafox Maestre, Leocundo Aguilar Noriega and Juan R. Castro. Distance Aproximator Using IEEE 802.11 Received Signal Strength and Fuzzy logic
B. Lorena Villarreal, Christian Hassard and J.L. Gordillo. Integration of directional smell sense on an UGV
José Martín Castro-Manzano. Towards Computational Political Philosophy
José Martín Castro-Manzano. A Defeasible Logic of Intention
Omar Nuñez and Antonio Camarena-Ibarrola. Monitoring the content of audio broadcasted by Internet Radio Stations
Marco Cruz-Ramos, Christian Hassard and Jl Gordillo. Electric Vehicle Automation through a Distributed Control System for Search and Rescue Operations
Marilyn Bello, Maria M. Garcia and Rafael Bello. A method for building prototypes in the nearest prototype approach based on similarity relations for problems of approximation of functions
Yenny Villuendas-Rey, Yailé Caballero-Mota and María Matilde García-Lorenzo. Intelligent Feature and Instance Selection to improve Nearest Neighbor classifiers
Assaf Toledo, Sophia Katrenko, Stavroula Alexandropoulou, Heidi Klockmann, Asher Stern, Ido Dagan and Yoad Winter. Semantic Annotation for Textual Entailment Recognition
César Navarro, Chidentree Treesatayapun and Arturo Baltazar. Control of the instantaneous initial contact on a parallel gripper using a fuzzy-rules emulated network with feedback from ultrasonic and force sensors
Irving Barragán, Juan Carlos Seck Tuoh and Joselito Medina. Relationship between Petri Nets and Cellular Automata for the Analysis of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Juan Pablo Nieto González and Pedro Pérez Villanueva. Vehicle Lateral Dynamics Fault Diagnosis Using an Autoassociative Neural Network and a Fuzzy System
Fevrier Valdez, Patricia Melin and Oscar Castillo. Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization with Parameters Adaptation using Fuzzy Logic
Leticia Cervantes, Oscar Castillo, Patricia Melin and Fevrier Valdez. Comparative study of type-1 and type-2 fuzzy systems for the Three-Tank water control problem
Daniela Sanchez, Patricia Melin, Oscar Castillo and Fevrier Valdez. Modular Neural Networks Optimization with Hierarchical Genetic Algorithms with Fuzzy Response Integration for Pattern Recognition
Luis G. Martínez, Juan R. Castro, Guillermo Licea, Antonio R. Diaz and Reynaldo Salas. Towards a Personality Fuzzy Model based on Big Five Patterns for Engineers Using an ANFIS Learning Approach
Houssam Salmane, Yassine Ruichek and Louahdi Khoudour. Using hidden Markov model and Dempster–Shafer theory for evaluating and detecting dangerous situations in level crossing environments
Airel Pérez Suárez, José Fco. Martínez Trinidad, Jesús A. Carrasco Ochoa and José E. Medina Pagola. A new Overlapping Clustering Algorithm based on Graph Theory
María Esther Sosa-Rodríguez and Elizabeth Pérez-Cortés. The Evolution of Cooperation in File Sharing P2P Systems: First steps
Víctor Ricardo Cruz-Álvarez, Fernando Montes-Gonzalez, Efrén Mezura-Montes and José Santos. Robotic Behavior Implementation using Two Different Differential Evolution Approaches
Ramón Zatarain Cabada, María Lucía Barrón Estrada, Yasmín Hernández Pérez and Carlos Alberto Reyes García. Designing and Implementing Affective and Intelligent Tutoring Systems in a Learning Social Network
Dolores Torres, Aurora Torres, Felipe Cuellar, Luz Torres, Eunice. Ponce de León, Francisco Pinales and Jorge Cardona. Identification of risk factors for TRALI using a hybrid algorithm
Santiago Omar Caballero Morales and Felipe Trujillo-Romero. Dynamic Estimation of Phoneme Confusion Patterns with a Genetic Algorithm to Improve the Performance of Metamodels for Recognition of Disordered Speech
Angel-Ivan Garcia-Moreno, José-Joel Gonzalez-Barbosa, Juan-Bautista Hurtado-Ramos, Francisco-Javier Ornelas-Rodríguez and Alfonso Ramirez-Pedraza. Automatic 3D City Reconstruction Platform using a LIDAR and DGPS
Maria Yaneli Ameca Alducin, Nicandro Cruz Remírez, Efrén Mezura Montes, Enrique Martin Del Campo Mena, Nancy Pérez Castro and Héctor Gabriel Acosta Mesa. Assessment of the Thermography as a potential tool for the pre-diagnosis of breast cancer
Boris Kriheli and Eugene Levner. Search and Detection of Failed Components in Repairable Complex Systems under Imperfect Inspections
José Federico Ramírez Cruz, Olac Fuentes, Rodrigo Romero and Aaron Velasco. A Hybrid Algorithm for Crustal Velocity Modeling
Juan Pablo Nieto González. Multiple Fault Diagnosis in Electrical Power Systems with Dynamic Load Changes Using Soft Computing
Fernando Gaxiola, Patricia Melin, Fevrier Valdez and Oscar Castillo. Neural Network with Type-2 Fuzzy Weight Adjustment for Human Recognition based on the Human Iris Biometrics
Diego Uribe. Measuring Feature Distributions in Sentiment Classification
Enrique Guzman, Ignacio Arroyo, Carlos Gonzales and Oleksiy Pogrebnyak. FPGA-based architecture for Extended Associative Memories and its Application in Images Recognition
Loreto Gonzalez-Hernandez, Jose Torres-Jimenez, Nelson Rangel-Valdez and Josue Bracho-Rios. A post-optimization strategy for combinatorial testing: test suite reduction through the identification of wild cards and merge of rows
Angel Kuri-Morales. Application  of a Method Based on Computational Intelligence for the Optimization of Resources Determined from Multivariate Phenomena
Ernesto Cortés Pérez, Airel Núñez Rodríguez, Rosa E. Moreno de La Torre, Orlando Lastres Danguillecourt and J. Rafael Dorrego Portela. Performance Analysis Of ANFIS in short term Wind Speed Prediction.
Carlos Esparza, Rafael Núñez and Fabio González. Model Reference Adaptive Position Controller with Smith Predictor for a Shaking-Table in two Axes
Luis Gonz'Alez-Estrada, Gustavo Gozalez-Sanmiguel, Luis Torres-Treviño and Angel Rodriguez. Implementation of a single chaotic neuron using an embedded system
Nahun Loya, David Pinto, Ivan Olmos Pineda, Helena Gómez-Adorno and Yuridiana Alemán. Forecast of air quality based in Ozone by decision trees and neural networks
Soujanya Poria, Alexander Gelbukh, Dipankar Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay. Emotion Lexicon Generation: Approximating Fuzzy Clustering for SVM Classification
Jesús Emeterio Navarro-Barrientos, Dieter Armbruster, Hongmin Li, Morgan Dempsey and Karl G. Kempf. Towards Automated Extraction of Expert System Rules from Sales Data for the Semiconductor Market
Luis Mateos. DeWaLoP In-pipe Robot Position from Visual Patterns
Juan Carlos Gomez and Marie-Francine Moens. Document Categorization Based on Minimum Loss of Reconstruction Information
Alan I. Torres-Nogales, Santiago E. Conant-Pablos and Hugo Terashima-Marín. Local Features Classification For Adaptive Tracking
Antonio Neme, Sergio Hernández and Vicente Carrión. Identification of the minimal set of attributes that maximizes the information towards the author of a political discourse: The case of the three principal candidates in the Mexican presidential elections.
Ieroham Baruch, Sergio Hernandez and Jacob Moreno. Recurrent Neural Identification and I-Term Sliding Mode Control of a Vehicle System Using Levenberg-Marquardt Learning
Pau Climent-Pérez, Alexandros Andre Chaaraoui, Jose Ramón Padilla-López and Francisco Flórez-Revuelta. Optimal Feature Selection for Skeletal Data from RGB-D Devices using a Genetic Algorithm
Roman Barták and Vladimír Rovenský. Verifying Nested Workflows with Extra Constraints
Karina Bogdan and Valdinei Silva. Different Approaches to Feature Selection in MDPs
Renato Minami and Valdinei Silva. Shortest stochastic path with risk sensitive evaluation
María De Lourdes Guadalupe Martínez-Villaseñor and Miguel González-Mendoza. Process of concept alignment for interoperability between heterogeneous sources
Ricardo Parra and Leonardo Garrido. Bayesian Networks for Micromanagement Decision Imitation in the RTS Game Starcraft
Juan Pablo Serrano Rubio, Arturo Hernández Aguirre and Rafael Herrera Guzmán. A Hyper-conic Multilayer Perceptron
Mauricio J. Garcia Vazquez, Jorge Francisco Madrigal, Oscar Mar, Claudia Esteves and Jean-Bernard Hayet. Robust visual localization of a humanoid robot in a symmetric space
Hamid Parvin, Sara Ansari and Sajad Parvin. A Diversity Production in Ensemble of Classifiers
Mireya García-Vázquez and Alejandro Alvaro Ramírez-Acosta. Two Adaptive Methods Based on Edge Analysis for Improved Concealing Damaged Coded Images in Critical Error Situations
José-Lázaro Martínez-Rodríguez, Víctor-Jesús Sosa-Sosa and Ivan Lopez-Arevalo. Automatic Discovery of Web content related to IT in the Mexican Internet based on supervised classifiers
Grigori Sidorov, Taras Ivchenko and Irina Kobozeva. Implementation of spatial dialog with a mobile robot
Karina Ruiz-Mireles, Ivan Lopez-Arevalo and Victor Sosa-Sosa. Semantic Classification of Posts in Social Networks by Means of Concept Hierarchies
Manju Sardana, Baljeet Kaur and R. K. Agrawal. Performance Evaluation of Ranking Methods for Relevant Gene Selection in Cancer Microarray Datasets
Ajay Jaiswal, Nitin Kumar and R. K. Agrawal. Statistical Framework for Facial Pose Classification
Bharti Rana and R. K. Agrawal. Salient Features Selection for Multiclass Texture Classification
Fernando Figueroa and Ruben Jaramillo. Application of Probabilistic Neural Networks in the Diagnosis of insulation in electrical equipment.
Hillel Romero-Monsivais, Eduardo Rodriguez-Tello and Gabriel Ramírez. A New Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Cyclic Bandwidth Problem
Elizabeth Santiago, Manuel Romero-Salcedo and Jorge X. Velasco-Hernández. An Integrated Strategy for Analyzing Flow Conductivity of Fractures in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir using Complex Network Metrics
Partha Pakray, Snehasis Neogi, Sivaji Bandyopadhyay and Alexander Gelbukh. Lexical Based Language Independent Cross-lingual Textual Entailment System
Nestor Velasco Bermeo, Miguel González Mendoza and Irais Heras Dueñas. Towards the creation of semantic models based on Computer-Aided Designs
Israel Cruz, Wen Yu and Luis Omar Moreno. Control Adaptable Indirecto con Redes Neuro Difusas vía Regresión Kernel
Ivan Shamshurin. Extracting Domain-Specific Opinion Words for Sentiment Analysis
David Gonzalez-Marron. Processing Epidemiological Relational Databases Using a Semantic Approach

Special Session

Ameni Azzouz, Mariem Ennigrou, Boutheina Jlifi and Khaled Ghedira. Combining Tabu Search and Genetic Algorithm in a Multi-Agent System for solving Flexible Job Shop Problem
José Carlos Ortiz-Bayliss, Hugo Terashima-Marín and Santiago E. Conant-Pablos. Using Learning Classifier Systems to Design Selective Hyper-Heuristics for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Edistio Verdecia, Lizandra Arza Pérez, Joanner Hung Martínez and Adrian De Jesús Sanchez Nievares. A new fuzzy TOPSIS approach for personnel selection with veto threshold and majority voting rule.
Sergio Ruiz and Benjamin Hernandez. Adaptable Markov Decision Process for Real Time Crowd Behavior Simulation
David Ortega-Pacheco, Natalia Arias-Trejo and Julia B. Barrón Martínez. Latent Semantic Analysis Model as a representation of free-association word norms
Miguel Murguía-Romero, Rafael Jiménez-Flores, René Méndez-Cruz and Rafael Villalobos-Molina. Improving the body mass index (BMI) formula with heuristic search
Jose Oscar Olmedo-Aguirre and Guillermo Morales-Luna. A Dynamic Logic-based Modal Prolog
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Ibarra, Carlos Soubervielle Montalvo and Omar Vital Ochoa. EMG Pattern Recognition System Based on Neural Networks
Aaron Rocha-Rocha, Enrique Munoz De Cote, L. Enrique Sucar and Saul E. Pomares Hernandez. Balancing optimality and learning speed in multiagent learning
Gustavo González Sanmiguel, Luis Lauro Gonzalez, Luis Torres-Treviño and Cesar Guerra-Torres. On-line learning in an embedded maximum sensibility neural network
Alejandro Sosa-Ascencio, Manuel Valenzuela-Rendón and Hugo Terashima-Marín. Cooperative Coevolution of Automatically Defined Functions with Gene Expression Programming
Santiago Omar Caballero Morales, Yara Pérez Maldonado and Felipe Trujillo-Romero. Improvement on Automatic Speech Recognition Using Micro-Genetic Algorithm
Bahamida Bachir and Dalila Boughaci. Intrusion Detection Using Fuzzy Stochastic Local Search Classifier
Cristian Gisel Perez Tapia, Abel Garcia Barrientos and Eduardo Steed Espinoza Quesada. Path Tracking Control and the Multi-Robot System Formation
Marco Tulio Ramirez Torres, Jose Salome Murguia Ibarra and Marcela Mejia Carlos. A numerical implementation of a joint image compression and encryption scheme
Reyna Melara-Abarca, Alexander Gelbukh and David Ortega-Pacheco. Wikipedia article clustering: A graph structure approach
Hamid Parvin, Behzad Maleki and Sajad Parvin. Using LDA Method to build a Robust Classifier
Juan C. Acosta-Guadarrama. Implementing a Knowledge Bases Debugger
Hamid Parvin and Sara Ansari. Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Yanet Rodríguez and Dayrelis Mena Torres. An Instance based Learning Model for Classication in Data Streams which Concept Change
Antonio Marin Hernandez, Guillermo De Jesús Hoyos Rivera, Marlon Garcia and Luis-Felipe Marín-Urías. Conception and Implementation of a Supermarket Shopping Assistant System
Jesús Carlos Carmona Frausto, Víctor Jesús Sosa Sosa and Iván López Arévalo. Middleware for Information Exchange in Heterogeneous Social Network
Carlos Alberto Carrillo Santos, Luis Enrique Ramos Velasco and Julio Cesar Ramos Fernández. PID Wavenet Fuzzy Controller: Comparative study
Muhammad Aslam and Ana Maria Martinez Enriquez. Automated Reply to Student Queries in eLearning Environment using Web-BOT

Short Presentation and Poster Presentation

Amir Elaouf and Eugene Levner. Efficient Routing of Mobile Agents in a Stochastic Network
Gonzalo Nápoles, Isel Grau and Rafael Bello. Constricted Particle Swarm Optimization based algorithm for global function optimization
Laroussi Merhbene, Zouaghi Anis and Zrigui Mounir. Lexical Disambiguation of Arabic Language: An Experimental Study
Mohammad Sajad Parvin and Hamid Parvin. Text Recognition with NN, Decision Tree and k-means
Brenda Feliu, Mabel González, Yanet Rodríguez and Carlos Morell. k-NN behavior with set-valued attributes

Invited to re-submit

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