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Payment page for MICAI-2011
(credit card / PayPal option)

Please report any anomaly at registration2011micai.org.
In case of emergency, call 
Alexander Gelbukh via the (cell) phone or via Skype.

This option is intended for payments from outside Mexico. For payments from Mexico or for users who prefer a bank transfer, see the bank transfer option.

This page allows you to pay for MICAI-2011 conference with your credit card or PayPal account. Please pay one item at a time, as applicable. To pay more than one item, use the "continue with paying" link on the page that appears after a successful transaction.

Please make sure you do not unintentionally pay twice for the same item. If in doubt, ask us: you can call Alexander Gelbukh by phone, Skype, or Messenger to ask whether a particular payment was received. Please only call when in doubt, do not call to confirm your normal payments.

Please fill in the paper number (e.g., 123; the number assigned to the paper by the EasyChair system) and the paper title (e.g., "Fuzzy neural genetic algorithm") with each payment separately. If the title does not fit, please only put the first words, or the most typical words from the title. This is used only for verification purposes. On the PayPal page, please type in (in the "comments" field on that page) more contact details, including your name, address, phone, etc. Please be sure to clearly indicate your paper number and title, as well as your contact details; otherwise we will be unable to identify your payment.

 NEW  Upon payment, please send a message at registration2011micai.org, with the subject "Payment MICAI 2011 paper <your paper ID>". In the message please indicate that the payment was via PayPal and how much you paid; indicate the paper number and title, the name of the person that will attend the conference (if known), and most importantly the data to appear on you receipt: name of the payer (it can be different from the name of the attendee, or it can be the institution this is how you need it), fiscal address, and any other data (e.g., Mexican participants: RFC).

 NEW  To pay with a credit card: use the PayPal buttons below; you will get to this screen:

and then on the PayPal screen click on "Don't have a PayPal account?", which gives this:

Payment items

Pay ONE ITEM at a time. Each button is for paying one item.

Test payment: US$ 1.23
         * Only if you want to try how it works. It will charge you $1.23; no refund!
         * If you have no paper, indicate 999 as paper number and "Test payment" as title
Paper number
Paper title

Registration for MICAI-2011 main/special sessions (author): US$ 590
         *  NEW  If you present more than one paper, please pay one complete fee plus one
            reduced fee per each additional paper, as specified below.

Paper number
Paper title

 NEW  MICAI-2011 (second paper presented by the same person): US$ 490

Paper number
Paper title

LNAI paper exceeding 12 pages: US$ 30 (per each additional page)

Paper number
Paper title

LNAI additional book:  US$ 60

Paper number
Paper title