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10th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

November 26 - December 4, 2011, Puebla, Mexico

(Puebla city is located near Mexico City (1,5 hours), regular buses are available from Mexico City Airport and Eastern Bus Terminal TAPO)

25th Anniversary of SMIA
10th Anniversary Edition of MICAI




Weiru Liu


Queen's University Belfast, UK


Knowledge validation, fusion and revision: coping with heterogeneous knowledge from multiple sources


Abstract: Uncertainty is pervasive -- modern information processing is characterized with dealing with unreliable, incomplete, vague, and imprecise knowledge and information. Uncertainty handling in knowledge and information has been a challenging problem, due to heterogeneity of uncertainty sources, modelling approaches, and characteristics. Fusion of multiple knowledge bases and information from different sources, subject to uncertainty and inconsistency, is an even harder task.


In this talk, I will discuss issues related to Knowledge validation, fusion and revision. I will explore their relationships, key challenges and highlight the importance of selecting correct fusion/revision methods when facing a real- world application. I will also touch upon various theories/frameworks that are available to model different types of uncertain knowledge / information, as well as the implications of each of such theories/frameworks entails.

Rada Mihalcea 


University of North Texas, USA


Natural Language Processing








Jesús Favela


CICESE Research Center, Mexico


Ambient Intelligence









Raúl Rojas


Freie Universität Berlin, Germany











Janusz Kacprzyk


Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland


Towards an Extended Zadeh's Computing With Words