MICAI 2011

Travel Grants for students

Registration fee must be paid independently from
grant application. A travel grant is not a fee waiver.

The Mexican Society for Artificial Intelligence (SMIA) offers a limited number of grants for students to attend MICAI-2011 conference.

The candidates should satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

Grants will be awarded taking into account the paper's evaluation scores and the supporting documents. SMIA reserves the right to request additional information, to partially fund grant application, or to reject it without explanation. A student can receive only one grant per conference.

Please fill in the Student Travel Grant Application Form and send it with scanned accompanying documents by e-mail to grant2011micai.org.  The deadline to receive grant applications is September 30, 2011.

The grant consists in the reimbursement on site of the travel expenses (transportation and lodging), up to the amount of the registration fee paid by the awardee (i.e., if you have paid the registration fee of USD 590 but your airplane ticket was USD 1000, then SMIA can only reimburse you USD 590; however, if your ticket and lodging were USD 300, then SMIA will reimburse you USD 300). The reimbursement procedure will be announced to awardees in due time.